Age of Dagan

The Old Shoe

Poisoned, Butcher, Hidden latch?


  • Female half-elf named Ilara playing her flute in the courner
  • The tavern-keeper, Gerda and Ilara argue loudly, anding with Ilara shouting “I dont work for free, Gerda! Let me know when you have money.”
  • Two grown men sitting there drinking as well.
  • Little of value
  • 3d6 gc, 3d10 cp, 2d20 cc.
  • Dagger (1d4)
  • Meat Cleaver 1d8


  • PC objective: Enjoy their stay, get used to the world.
  • DM objective: Poison the fuckers and throw them in the cellar and chop them up for meat.


  • Physical conflict: Pref. none. Can fight Kernel (Arm-wrestling as well?).
  • Look for a way out from the cellar. DC 10 on the Hatch lock, 10 hp. Will alert Kernel if they try to break it open.
  • Can find their items up in the room above. No windows. Metal door.
  • DC 15 spotting hidden latch in the cellar.
  • Intra-party (Between NPC’s)
  • Association (associate this part with something else they have an emotional attachment to)

Up-top fight?

Kernel the Butcher

After the fight:



jompawars jompawars

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