Age of Dagan

Festival at Oldhope

Skill Challenges

Mort the “Magician”

“Hello there, children.

Gather up, gather up! Mort the Magician, here to astound you
with an object that can disappear and re-appear at will!
Do you dare test fate? Do you think you have what it takes?
Will your eyes fool you, or can you find the ivory ball and win the gold?

You there! race, care to try your wits against Mort the Magician?

No? – … Humpf. Coward.
Follow the ball, good sir, and riches will be bestowed upon you! It’s here! Is it here?
Is it there? Shuffling a good while Point out the ball!

Fail by over -5: Hah! Even the children are closer to finding it than you!
Fail: Better luck next time, good challenger! Care to try again?
Win: …are you suuuure it’s there? You dont want to guess again? Hmpf. Ok.
Shows the ball
Reluctantly slumps 5 gold onto the table.
Leans in Care to be told your fortune?

Cup challenge Cost: 1 gold, Reward: 5 gold, 10 xp.
Perception DC 15

Fortune telling: 5 gold
Complete nonesense.

Armwrestling competition
Opposing Str checks
Free beer for each round.
3 rounds.

Brett, Commoner, +0 str
Olfein, Farmer +2 str
Gertrude, Farmer, +2 str
Omara, City Guard, +3 str
Kanstel, large human prisoner, +4 str

50 gold for winner

Pie eating competition!

Constitution saving throws!
5 contestants

Gertrude +2 const
Olfein, +1 const
Humphrey, +4 const
Gideon +0 const

50 gold for winner

Acrobatics / Slight of hand

Steal as many pink hankerchiefs as you can in 5 tries


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